Moving to Melbourne

For months me and my boyfriend, Conor, had talked about going to Australia for a year. Months. Saving up was the problem though. So I got a new job, Conor picked up some extra hours and eventually we booked it some time ago. At the time it felt like it was ages until we were going but those few months flew by. And suddenly the day arrived. Saying goodbye and leaving was pretty scary, knowing we wouldn’t see our friends or family for a year, maybe longer. But we couldn’t wait to land in Melbourne- a city we’d heard such incredible things about.

The flight was painfully long. A 12 hour flight to Hong Kong, a 3 hour wait then a 10 hour flight to Melbourne. So Long. I didn’t suffer jet lag as such, strangely with the 9 hour time difference, I was just exhausted because I really struggle to sleep on planes. I may have had a half hour nap here or there but by the time we arrived I’d basically been awake for a really long time and I was exhausted. But that all changed, once we’d flown through customs surprisingly quickly, and we were tearing through the city to our hostel. How could I be tired when I’d just arrived in one of the coolest cities in the world??

“We’ll go to the hostel bar for one” we said. Just one, then bed. Famous last words. Fast forward a couple of hours and we’re sipping on delicious cocktails at Cookie, a local cocktail bar. The staff were lovely and friendly and keen to ensure that our first impression of Melbourne was a great one. We quickly learnt over the next few days that we cannot go to Cookie just for one- we will be there all night.

The first couple of days were all about productivity. There’s a lot to do when you move to a new country. Between setting up bank accounts and obtaining Aussie phone numbers, we explored the suburbs to see where we wanted to live. The beautiful beach suburb of St. Kilda, the bustling CBD or edgy Fitzroy? We soon realised that we didn’t really care because it’s all pretty awesome. So we ended up in a beautiful 3 bedroom flat on Spring Street, perfectly on the cusp between the CBD and Fitzroy. This lovely home is one of my favourite things about living here at the moment. Having somewhere stunning yet cosy, with an incredible view, to go home to really makes it.

Watch this space to read about how I fell in love with Melbourne over those first few months…

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