The Best Places to go For a Run in Melbourne

I recently wrote a series of health related articles for a company’s blog. Due to issues with the website and lack of funding to get the new company off the ground, these articles have not been published. Although I was paid for the work I did I think it’s a shame for my blog posts not to be published or read by anyone. So here is the second final blog post in the series. I hope you have enjoyed reading them and found them useful.

The Best Places to go For a Run in Melbourne


Tired of the same old exercise routine? Need a new route to renew your motivation for running? The great news is that Melbourne has plenty of running routes with great views, all over the city. The routes vary in distance and terrain so there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a running newbie or a seasoned runner looking for new challenges.

  1. Albert Park Lake

This is a great run for beginners as it’s relatively flat and not too far (4.69km), although of course you could do two laps if you’re feeling energetic. There are 500m signs to help you keep track of how far you’ve gone, plus you get the picturesque view. But be warned, this track can get a little windy.

  1. The Beaches

Catch a train to Brighton beach and enjoy a run along the beautiful coast all the way back to St. Kilda Beach. This run is around 10km but if you’re looking for something a little shorter you could always start at Elwood and halve the distance whilst still enjoying the sea air.

  1. Princes Park

Another fab beginner’s route, this track is very flat and at 3.2km it’s a good starter track. It also has 500m markers for tracking your progress and figuring out how far you have left to go!

  1. The Tan

The Tan is takes you around the King’s Domain and Royal Botanical Gardens with great views of the Shrine of Remembrance and the Yarra River along the way – a lovely taste of Melbourne. It’s also well lit if you fancy running late at night, which may be a good idea as it can get crowded during the day.  At 3.82km this is another good one for short distance runners, but prepare yourself for the 500m incline on Anderson Street!

  1. The Melbourne Solar System Trail

As the name suggests this trail is modelled on the solar system with the planets accurately spaced which makes for useful markers to keep track of how far you’ve come. Start from the sun based at the south end of St. Kilda beach and end at Sandridge beach in Port Melbourne, market by Pluto. This is a relatively flat run at 5.9km.

  1. Capital City Trail

At a massive 27km this is great if you’re training for a marathon! Alternatively select a section of the route which fits your distance goals.

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